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Fall 2021 Event Planning Guidelines

Music Tariffs

Queen’s Event Services is required to comply with both SOCAN and Re:Sound licensing tariffs as they apply within the framework of venue rentals and event management. For events within the Queen’s Event Services venue inventory, applicable tariff fees will be included on event invoices as required. In the case where both Re:Sound and SOCAN tariff fees apply, both fees will be itemized on the final invoice.

If your event is not held within a Queen’s Event Services venue, the venue booking agent is responsible for this fee and may include applicable tariff fees within the venue rental cost. In the scenario that Queen’s Event Services books a venue on an event’s behalf, all applicable fees and rental costs will be included on the final invoice. Queen’s Event Services is not responsible for fee payment outside of its venue inventory.

For full details about SOCAN and Re:Sound compliance on the Queen’s University campus, see the Copyright Advisory Office’s page.