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Fall 2021 Event Planning Guidelines

Central Room Reservations

Central Room Reservations is responsible for providing access to a portion of classrooms and theatres that are not being used for teaching or other academic purposes.

Queen’s Organization and Affiliated Organizations

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Non-Queen’s Organizations

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Policy on Non-Academic use of Academic Space

Academic activities that are timetabled by the University Registrar have priority use of academic space. Non-academic events and ad hoc academic activities can be booked into academic spaces after publication of the timetable so long as they do not displace, or disrupt the continuity, of timetabled academic activities. These ad hoc bookings are on a first come, first serve, basis*.

*If there is an academic activity that cannot be accommodated due to a previously booked non-academic event, prioritization will be determined by the University Timetable Committee.


Priority for academic spaces, such as classrooms, is to support academic activities. This includes providing learning environments that are consistent throughout the academic term. The latter point recognizes that changing the location of academic activities partway through the term generates a cost to both instructors and students.


The policy applies to academic spaces that are managed by the University Registrar.

Please refer to the current Fall 2021 Event Planning Guidelines