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Fall 2021 Event Planning Guidelines

Bar Services

Cash or host bar options are available to enhance your catered event.

Queen’s Event Services processes all on-campus event liquor license applications (a minimum of 14 days’ notice is required). Every bar is staffed with qualified Smart Serve certified bartenders.

Browse our contemporary wine and bar lists offering Canadian and international selections:

Wine List

White Selections

Sandbanks Pinot Grigio – Prince Edward County, Canada

Bottle: $35.00 House wine selection (600 Calories/Bottle)

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand 

Bottle: $46.00 (600 Calories/Bottle)

Blu Giovello Pinot Grigio – Italy

Bottle: $37.00 (600 Calories/Bottle)

Wolf Blass Chardonnay – Australia

Bottle: $43.00 (600 Calories/Bottle)

Cave Spring Riesling – Niagara, Canada (VQA)

Bottle: $42.00 (600 Calories/Bottle)

Red Selections

Sandbanks Baco Noir – Prince Edward County, Canada

Bottle: $35.00 House wine selection (650 Calories/Bottle)

Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon – California

Bottle: $41.00 (650 Calories/Bottle)

Jacobs Creek Shiraz – Australia

Bottle: $36.00 (650 Calories/Bottle)

Cline Zinfandel – USA

Bottle: $36.00 (650 Calories/Bottle)

Angels Gate Pinot Noir – Niagara, Canada

Bottle: $50.00 (650 Calories)

Sparkling White/Champagne

Wayne Gretzky Estates Rose – Niagara-Ontario

Bottle: $44.00 (590 Calories/Bottle)

Bottega Vino dei Poeti Prosecco – Italy

Bottle: $42.00 (590 Calories/Bottle)

Tarlant Brut Champagne – France

Bottle: $100.00 (590 Calories/Bottle)

Bottles are 750 ml; Glass is 5 oz.  Applicable taxes will apply.

Bar List

Domestic Beer – $5.75 (150 calories Regular/100 calories Light) Alexander Keith’s, Moosehead, Cracked Canoe.

Premium Beer – $6.50 (150 calories Regular/100 calories Light) Corona, Heineken, Mill Street Organic, Steam Whistle, and Stella Artois.

Our standard beer selections include four domestic choices and two premium choices. Selections may vary from the above items based on availability.

House Wine (5 oz) – $6.00 (120 calories White/130 calories Red) One white and one red wine will be offered from both our house and premium selections. Choices may vary depending on availability.

Coolers – $6.50 (243 Calories-12oz bottle) Smirnoff Ice, Palm Bay

Spirits (1 oz) – $5.75 (70 calories-1 oz) Smirnoff Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Bacardi Rum, Canadian Club, Dewar’s White Label Scotch

Premium Spirits (1 oz)- $7.00 (70 calories-1 oz shot) Crown Royal, Glenlivet Scotch, Glenfiddich Scotch

Premium Liqueurs (1.25oz) – $7.75 Bailey’s Irish Cream (121 calories-1.25 oz shot), Kahlua (113 calories-1.25 oz shot), Drambuie (132 calories-1.25 oz shot), Grand Marnier (95 calories-1.25 oz shot), Small Cask Brandy (86 calories-1.25 oz shot), Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Port (57 calories-1.25 oz shot)

Specialty Cocktails (1 oz) – $7.25

Non-alcoholic Beer – $3.50 (60 calories) Beck’s

Assorted Non-alcoholic Items – $2.00 Soft drinks (140-160 calories) and juice (160-170 calories). Sparkling mineral water available with advance request.

Applicable taxes included in Bar List prices.

For all bar services, an administration fee of $250.00 will be charged for cost recovery of the labour required in delivering, setting up and tearing down each bar. There is no minimum sales amount required and no further staffing charges unless identified at the time of booking. Gratuities are not charged or expected; however, a logistics and coordination fee will apply. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to taxes where applicable.

In accordance with the Liquor License Act (LLA) and in accordance to the Campus Alcohol Policy, Queen’s Hospitality Services is required to retain full control over the business conducted out of the licensed premises. This includes the purchase, sale and service of alcohol, as well as the collection of proceeds from the sale of alcohol. Queen’s Event Services is the point of contact for the licensing and provision of all bar services on campus.