Banquets, Buffets, and BBQs

Our banquet, buffet and barbeque menus have been carefully designed to satisfy a range of tastes and dietary needs. Please let us know if you require alternative meals to accommodate any special diets or allergies in your group.

Banquet Menu Options

All banquet menus include by freshly baked rolls and butter, Fair Trade coffee, decaf and tea. A minimum order of 50 people applies (additional fees are added for smaller groups). Choose one (1) appetizer, one (1) entree, and one (1) dessert from the following options.

Appetizers - Choose One

Salad Options (Either soup or salad. Soups may be added as a fourth course at an additional $6.95 per person)

  • Arugula and watercress salad with orange segments and an orange poppy seed dressing (Spring and Summer) (140 Calories)
  • Romaine & spinach with sliced strawberries, raspberries & blueberries with honey mint vinaigrette (Spring and Summer) (288 Calories)
  • Baby spinach salad with mushrooms and red onions served with a sweet mustard vinaigrette (Fall and Winter) (280 Calories)
  • Field greens with dried cranberries and toasted hazelnut with an herbed vinaigrette (Fall and Winter) (370 Calories)

Soup Options

  • Curried parsnip soup with apples (Fall and Winter) (261 Calories)
  • Spicy roasted squash soup with pumpkin pesto (Fall and Winter) (128 Calories)

Entree Option - Choose One

Chicken Options $40.00 per person

  • Braised chicken Provencal with tomato kalamata olives and garlic served with seven grain rice pilaf, and roasted zucchini and peppers (844 Calories)
  • Sage roasted chicken with Madeira sauce served with whipped chive potatoes and sautéed vegetables (415 Calories)

Chicken Supreme Options $42.00 per person

  • Apple wood smoked cheddar stuffed chicken supreme breast with maple syrup Irish whiskey glaze, roasted sweet potatoes, and a sautéed vegetable medley (764 Calories)
  • Panko crusted chicken breast supreme stuffed with goat cheese and apricots served with sage saffron rice pilaf and ratatouille (886 Calories)

Salmon Options $43.00 per person (Please ask for the availability of other fresh fish may be available. Customized pricing may apply)

  • Grilled salmon with lime butter served with black lentils and leeks, snap peas and red pepper (910 Calories)
  • Almond crusted salmon with leek and lemon cream served with saffron rice and roasted root vegetables (924 Calories)

Beef Strip Loin Options $51.50 per person

  • Herb crusted beef strip loin with cremini mushroom stuffing and a Merlot demi-glace served with roasted sweet potatoes, snap peas and red pepper (1478 Calories)
  • Pepper crusted New York strip loin with hunter sauce served with herb roasted potatoes and ratatouille (1064 Calories)

Beef Tenderloin $51.50 per person

  • Roast beef tenderloin with a roasted shallot & port wine sauce served with Yukon gold potato gratin with horseradish and a Parmesan sautéed vegetable medley (1098 Calories)

Vegetarian Options $39.00 per person (Salad and Dessert options will be paired from the menu selected for the group)

  • Grilled vegetable Napoleon with roasted red pepper sauce accompanied by lentil pilaf – Vegan (386 Calories)
  • Vegetable strudel with feta served with a roasted tomato sauce (408 Calories)
  • Phyllo vegetable purses with a roasted pepper coulis and goats cheese rounds (741 Calories)
  • Quinoa cake topped with roasted vegetable ragout served with a smoked Roma tomato coulis – Vegan (486 Calories)

Dessert - Choose One

  • Chocolate mocha cake (230 Calories)
  • Lemon crème brulee tart (316 Calories)
  • Strawberry mascarpone tart with port glaze (318 Calories)
  • Spiced apple cake (219 Calories)
  • Coffee scented panna cotta with orange syrup (176 Calories)
  • Pear and Dried Cherry Frangipane tart (610 Calories)
  • Seasonal fruit galettes (461Calories)
  • Chocolate mousse infused with Grand Marnier (621 Calories)

Buffet Menu Options

Our buffet menus offer variety and portion options for your group, and are perfect for your next casual get together. Special diets and allergies can also be accommodated. A minimum order of 25 people applies to all buffets.

Buffet Menus

Roasted Chicken Dinner Buffet $35.50 per person

  • Assorted freshly baked rustic breads and butter (452 Calories-serving)
  • Spring greens with strawberry and dried cranberry served with raspberry and fresh herb vinaigrette (288 Calories-serving)
  • Barley salad with pear vinaigrette (151 Calories-serving)
  • Roasted chicken supreme with apple cider demi-glace (371 Calories-serving)
  • Herb roasted mini-potatoes (300 Calories-serving)
  • Roasted vegetable medley parsnip, carrot, turnip, red onion, fennel (415 Calories-serving)
  • Vegetarian cassoulet (122 Calories-serving)
  • Sliced seasonal fresh fruit (46 Calories-serving)
  • Chocolate Marquise (125 Calories-serving)
  • Lemon fresh blueberry mini-tart (148 Calories-serving)
  • Fair trade coffee, decaf and assorted teas (10 Calories-serving)

Roast Beef Strip Loin Dinner Buffet $41.00 per person

  • Freshly baked rustic breads and butter (452 Calories-serving)
  • Arugula watercress grape and mango with herb chile vinaigrette (145 Calories-serving)
  • Baby spinach, sautéed wild mushroom, radish and Parmesan with citrus thyme vinaigrette (300 Calories-serving)
  • Chef carved Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Mustard crusted roast beef strip loin served with horseradish and mushroom jus (560 Calories-serving)
  • Orecchiette tossed with garbanzos, tomatoes, feta and mint (576 Calories-serving)
  • Sweet potato Yukon mash with carmalized Onion and chevre (133 Calories-serving)
  • Braised root vegetables (200 Calories-serving)
  • Sliced seasonal fresh fruit (46 Calories-serving)
  • Double chocolate torte with Merlot coulis(287 Calories-serving)
  • Cheesecake lollipops (130 Calories-serving)
  • Fair trade coffee, decaf and assorted teas (10 Calories-serving)

New Sandbanks Baco Noir Braised Beef and Mushrooms $40.25 per person

  • Freshly baked rustic breads and butter (452 Calories-serving)
  • Spelt and Lentil Vegetable Salad with Dijon Dill Vinaigrette (231Calories-serving)
  • Baby spinach and Caraway Roasted Beet Orange and jicama Salad with Citrus vinaigrette (91 Calories-serving)
  • Sandbanks Baco Noir Braised Beef and Mushrooms (360 Calories-serving)
  • Mediterranean Cumin Scented Braised Lentils (171 Calories-serving)
  • Roasted Garlic Chive Whipped Potatos (177 Calories-serving)
  • Roasted Seasonal Vegetables (122 Calories-serving)
  • Sliced seasonal fresh fruit (46 Calories-serving)
  • Mini Cappuccino Dacquoise (195 Calories-serving)
  • Mini Crème Brulee Spoons (191 Calories-serving)
  • Fair trade coffee, decaf and assorted teas (10 Calories-serving)

Additional Buffet Add-Ons

Add to any of these menus:

  • Herb roasted chicken breast with tarragon cream sauce $6 per person
  • Whole side of ginger glazed roast salmon – served cold $7.50 per person
  • Additional salad selection $3.50 per person
  • Select fine Ontario and Quebec artisan cheese $6.75 per person 

BBQ Grill Menus

Queen’s Event Services offers an excellent selection of “grill” menus, with both meat and vegetarian options. Our grill menus are available at several locations across campus and are a perfect addition to conference agendas or as an office social. Note that grill menus are presented on disposable dishware – china service is available for an additional fee.

Grill Menu Options

Prices are per person – minimum of 25 guests

Backyard Grill $14.95 per person

  • Home-style beef and vegetarian burgers, classic potato salad, creamy coleslaw, rice krispie® squares and watermelon slices, assorted chilled juice,soft-drinks and bulk water. Hot dogs are available to add on at $2.25 per person.

(Beef Burger 290 Cals /serving, Vegetarian burger 290 Cals/ serving, Hot Dog 344 Cals/serving, Potato salad 120 Cals/scoop, Coleslaw 100 Cals/ scoop, Rice Krispie square 200 Cal/ serving, Watermelon 30 Cals/ 5 oz serving, , Juice 160-170 Cals/ 341 ml Can, Pop 140-160 Cals/ 341 ml Can)

Zesty Chicken Grill $17.50 per person

  • Quarter-chicken seasoned with our traditional zesty barbeque sauce, Vegetarian cassoulet, broccoli cauliflower salad, sweet corn on the cob, creamy coleslaw, seasonal sliced fruit, carrot cake with cream cheese icing, assorted chilled juice, soft-drinks and bulk water.

(Chicken 560 Cals / serving, Vegetarian Cassoulet 130 Cals/ scoop, Broccoli Cauliflower Salad 30 Cals/ scoop, Corn on the cob 35 Cals/ serving, Sliced fruit 35 Cals/ 5 oz serving, Carrot Cake 150 Cals/ slice serving, Juice 160-170 Cals/ 341 ml Can, Pop 140-160 Cals/ 341 ml Can)

NEW – Bifana Buffet -Pork or Beef  $20.50 per person 

  • Portuguese marinated pork or beef sandwich with sautéed onions served on a crusty bun, pimenta potato salad, steamed new potatoes tossed in garlic, olive oil and spicy red pepper sauce. Salada mista – Iceberg lettuce, red onion, tomato, cucumber and chopped flat leaf parsley served with olive oil and vinegar dressing, sliced seasonal fruit, Natas and Portuguese Custard Tarts, assorted chilled juices, soft drinks & bulk water.

(Pork Bifana 365 Cals / serving, Beef Bifana 383 Cals / serving, Potato salad 200 Cals/ scoop, Salada mista 158 Cals/ 5 oz, Sliced Fruit 50 Cals / 5 oz serving, Natas tarts 127 Cals/ serving, Juice 160-170 Cals/ 341 ml Can, Pop 140-160 Cals/ 341 ml Can)

Kebob Grill $21.75 per person 

  • Choose one protein, Chicken, Beef or Pork. Greek salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, feta and kalamata olives, Mediterranean pasta salad, roasted lemon oregano potatoes, strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and fruit coulis, assorted chilled juice, soft-drinks and bulk water.

(Chicken 180 Cals/ kebob, Beef 180 Cals/ kebob, Pork 155 Cals/kebob, Vegetarian 125 Cals/ kebob, Greek Salad 190 Cals / 5 oz serving, Pasta salad 50 Cals / scoop, Potatoes 100 Cals/ scoop, Strawberry shortcake 346 Cals/ slice serving, , Juice 160-170 Cals/ 341 ml Can, Pop 140-160 Cals/ 341 ml Can)

NEW – Local Connection Grill $27.75 per person

  • Hand-made in-house beef burgers, sausage selection by Seed to Sausage, vegetarian quinoa burgers, served with sliced cheddar cheese, sauerkraut, hot peppers, diced onions, sliced tomato, lettuce leaf, ketchup, relish, mustard (Dijon, regular, honey mustard), traditional baked beans, greek salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, feta and Kalamata olives, seasonal fruit salad with Frangelico cream, date almond tarts, assorted chilled juices, soft-drinks and bulk water.

(Beef Burger with all toppings 620 Cals/ burger, Sausage with all toppings 680 Cals/ sausage, Vegetarian Quinoa burgers 290 Cals/ burger, Baked beans 130 Cals / scoop, Greek salad 190 Cals / 5 oz serving, Fruit salad with cream 95 Cals / 5 oz serving, Almond tarts 330 Cals / serving, Juice 160-170 Cals/ 341 ml Can, Pop 140-160 Cals/ 341 ml Can)

Booking Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for your banquet or buffet and make note of important deadlines and additional fees. Contact your event coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

Banquet Guidelines

  • White table linen and napkins are included
  • Elegant china and cutlery are included
  • $3 per person will be charged for two or more entree selections (Vegetable and starch selection must be the same for both entrees. Does not included vegetarian selections)
  • Minimum of 50 people required. If your group numbers are less, custom pricing is available with a minimum of 25 people.
  • Confirmation required 14 days prior to event
  • Orders modified within 48 hours may be subject to a $40 service fee
  • Menu prices are subject to change

Buffet Guidelines

  • Includes preset water, china, cutlery, white linen and staff for 4 hours
  • Minimum of 25 people
  • Confirmation required 14 days prior to event
  • Orders modified within 48 hours are subject to a $40 service fee
  • Menu prices are subject to change

Gratuities are not charged or expected; however, a logistics and coordination fee will apply. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to taxes where applicable.

Looking for something different? Please contact us. Our professional sales and coordination team will be more than happy to assist you with your planning needs.  Just let us know your vision and budget, and we will work with you to find a solution to meet your needs.

Waste Less. All non-perishable and unspoiled perishable food is donated. We redirect all unspoiled food from landfill to our neighbors in need. Thank you for your support of the local community and reducing our environmental impact.

We look forward to making your event a success!