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Our delectable hot and cold menu selections can be served at your choice of campus venue. Select from stationary and served menu items presented by our professional staff. Tables are dressed with white linen and coloured toppers.

Add a little sweetness to your reception with decadent desserts and sparkling punch bowls.  Take advantage of our creative catering team with a spectacular, themed, or customized reception.  Our professional bar services will complete your event.

Please browse through our reception menus:

Reception Menus

Prices are per person

Limestone Reception – $20.00 Domestic and imported cheese; Sparkling cranberry punch; Passed hors d`oeuvres (5 pieces per person):

    • Chicken satays with a Thai peanut marinade (180 Cal)
    • Mushroom caps filled with artichoke and asiago (156 Cal)
    • Mini vegetable spring rolls with a hoisin dipping sauce (190 Cal)
    • Goat cheese toasts with rosemary and honey (87 Cal)
    • Phyllo cups filled with mango and curried chicken salad (42 Cal)

Gala Reception – $25.00 Your choice of two (2) placed reception items:

    • Deluxe international cheese display (360 Cal)
    • Seasonal sliced fruit Seasoned (46 Cal) pita points (156 Cal) and fresh vegetables served with spinach & feta dip (68 Cal) and sun-dried tomato dip (150 Cal)
    • Assorted crabmeat and vegetarian maki rolls with pickled ginger, soya, and wasabi (170 Cal)
    • Fancy pastries, petite fours, and chocolate dipped strawberries (300-500 Cal)

Your choice of two (2) cold hors d`oeuvres:

    • Cream cheese, walnut, and grape crostini (220 Cal)
    • Phyllo cups filled with mango and curried chicken salad (42 Cal)
    • Brandied mushrooms with chevre and pecans (260 Cal)
    • Camembert and strawberry crostini (134 Cal)

Your choice of two (2) hot hors d`oeuvres:

    • Mushroom caps filled with artichoke and asiago (32-50 Cal)
    • Mini meatballs with chipotle glaze (170 Cal)
    • Chicken satays with Thai peanut marinade (184 Cal)
    • Spicy vegetable curry envelopes (75 Cal)

Your choice of one (1) beverage:

    • Freshly brewed gourmet coffee and tea (32-50 Cal)
    • Sparkling cranberry punch (235 Cal)
    • Lemonade (91 Cal)
    • Sparkling berry punch (130 Cal)
    • Iced tea (90 Cal)
    • Hot apple cider (fall and winter only) (120 Cal)

The Sampler Reception – $28.00

Passed Hor d’oeuvres (4 per person)

    • Deconstructed potato salad skewer (105 Cal)
    • McGarrigle’s Fine Mustard Crusted Pork Tenderloin with apple compote on flatbread (110 Cal)
    • Moroccan lamb and apricot terrine in wonton cup (215 Cal)
    • Smoked tomato chevre barquettes (95 Cal)

Stationary Items

    • Housemade vodka dill gravlax 150 Cal)
    • Roasted garlic and arugula dip (101 Cal)
    • Orange spiked marinated olives (470 Cal)
    • Apricot pear and B Hogan Honey Soaked Brie (60 Cal)
    • Artisan breads, flatbreads and crisps (75 Cal)
    • Basil chile chicken skewers with lemon Parmesan aioli (180 Cal)
    • Grilled jerk shrimp skewer with mango sauce (370 Cal)
    • Salad cones (110 Cal)
    • Smoked chicken with hoisin sweet chili (105 Cal)
    • Roasted vegetable with pesto (40 Cal)
    • Jicama lemongrass shrimp salad (110 Cal)
    • Cheese cake lollipops (125 Cal)
    • Passed Canapes Dietary

Stationary Display – $13.50 Domestic and imported cheese display with crackers (340 Cal); Sliced fresh fruit with yogurt dip (50 Cal); Fresh vegetable crudités with dips (140 Cal); Seasoned pita points with homemade dips (160-280 Cal) *Add punch to this menu for $1.00 per person.

Deluxe Display – $18.00 Deluxe cheese display (360 Cal) with dry roasted spiced nuts and dried fruit accompanied by freshly baked baguettes and crackers (156 Cal); Fresh crudité (68 Cal) and marinated olive platter (140 Cal) with roasted red pepper (80 Cal) and baba ghanoush (60 Cal) (; Seasoned pita points (112 Cal) with homemade hummus (39 Cal), black olive tapenade (35 Cal), and spinach and feta dip (45 Cal); Classic smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese, caper berries, pickled red onion (150 Cal), and pumpernickel rounds (80 Cal) *Add fresh seasonal sliced fruit (50 Cal) to this menu for $3.00 per person.

If you are hosting a large group and would like to participate in a unique dining experience, please consider the following ideas: sushi bar, bruschetta bar, soup shooters, mashed potato martini bar, seafood/fish display. 

Passed Hors D’Oeuvres

  • 2 Pieces per person – $5.00 (choice of 4 hors d’oeuvres)
  • 4 Pieces per person – $10.00 (choice of 6 hors d’oeuvres)
  • 6 Pieces per person – $15.00 (choice of 8 hors d’oeuvres)
  • Add hor d’oeuvres to a banquet – $6.00 per person (3 pieces per person)

Hot Selections:

    • Organic beef slider with red fife bun and homemade chipotle mayo – The Canadian Grilling Company (280 Cal)
    • Braised beef stuffed cremini mushroom with sorrel (140 Cal)
    • Tiny twice-baked potatoes (190 Cal)
    • Mini-tuna burgers with mint caper aioli on pita triangles (145 Cal)
    • Crab hush puppies with arugula aioli (126 Cal)
    • Cranberry crab rangoon (75 Cal)
    • Butternut squash latkes with sage and yogurt sauce (88 Cal)
    • Bombay turkey meatballs with garlic curry sauce (93 Cal)
    • Cajun crab cakes with remoulade (212 Cal)
    • Mini-brie and marmalade grilled cheese (130 Cal) **Requires cooking onsite
    • Mushroom caps filled with artichoke and Asiago cheese (42 Cal)
    • Coconut shrimp with Thai sauce (120 Cal)
    • Mini-lamb brochettes with a Dijon glaze (85 Cal)
    • Tandoori chicken satays (110 Cal)
    • Mushroom and leek pastries (124 Cal)
    • Mini-meatballs with Chipotle glaze (170 Cal)
    • Brandied mushrooms filled with Chevre topped with toasted pecan (260 Cal)
    • Tiny vegetable samosas with raita (75 Cal)
    • Spicy Thai salmon cake with cilantro lemongrass aioli (265 Cal)
    • Potstickers with Ponzu sauce (82 Cal)
    • Chlupas with Chorizo sausage (130 Cal)
    • Caramelized onion tartlets (85 Cal)
    • Jalapeno goat cheese hush puppies (140 Cal)
    • Brie and cranberry puffs 100 Cal)
    • Prosciutto artichoke mini-quiche (180 Cal)
    • Ricotta fritters (78 Cal)
    • Zucchini Latkes with feta (106 Cal)

Cold Selections:

    • Greek vegetable salad with feta, fennel and barley in a wonton spoon
    • Mini-stuffed potatoes with red pepper hummus charred corn and grilled chicken
    • Cremini mushrooms with julienne greens and pear dressing
    • Asian carrot slaw in cucumber cups
    • Deconstructed potato salad skewer (105 Cal)
    • Chimi churri beef strip loin on potato round (145 Cal)
    • Cedar maple dijon salmon lollipop (50 Cal)
    • Cumin roasted potato with caviar and smoked salmon (88 Cal)
    • Bison sausage on crostini with tomato confit (97 Cal)
    • Roasted red pepper and chipotle hummus roulade on potato crisp (gluten free) (89 Cal)
    • Greek salad skewers (120 Cal)
    • Coconut-chile shrimp tostadas with pineapple salsa and guacamole (260 Cal)
    • Spicy lemon fennel shrimp with black olives and feta tapenade (230 Cal)
    • Watermelon peppered tuna skewer with wasabi mayo (83 Cal)
    • Phyllo cups with crabmeat and fennel salad (61 Cal)
    • Cranberry crunch salad cups (45 Cal)
    • Spanish olive and cream cheese canapés (57 Cal)
    • Grilled fiery shrimp with honeydew gazpacho dipping sauce (143 Cal)
    • Smoked salmon toasts with malt vinegar toasts (105 Cal)
    • Asian spiced chicken in wonton cups with vanilla apricot sauce (78 Cal)
    • Buffalo grilled shrimp with blue cheese dipping sauce (98 Cal)
    • In-house vodka dill gravlax with bagel chip and caper cream (150 Cal)
    • Brandied blue cheese, walnut and pear crostini (185 Cal)
    • Smoked salmon canapés (42 Cal)
    • Phyllo cups with crabmeat and fennel salad (60 Cal)
    • Thai chicken salad cucumber cups (35 Cal)
    • Pecan and goat cheese marbles (136 Cal)
    • Goat cheese crostini with rosemary and honey (124 Cal)
    • Cucumber cups with feta, red onion and black olives (35 Cal)
    • Herbed cream cheese and grape crostini (140 Cal)
    • Mango curry shrimp salad cups (66 Cal)
    • Edamame hummus crostini (66 Cal)
    • Bloody Mary shrimp spoons or soup shooter (140 Cal)
    • Pancetta crisps with goat cheese and pear (101 Cal)
    • Rice paper vegetable rolls – Imperial Rolls (170 Cal)
    • Passed Canapes Dietary

An accessible Back of House space is required for all hor d’oeuvre receptions. ** Items that indicate ‘requires cooking onsite’ can only be presented in locations with fully operational kitchen facilities available.

Stationary Reception Platters

Prices are per platter (unless otherwise stated)

Vegetable Crudités and Dip Small (serves 10-15) $39.00 ; Large (serves 25-30) $69.00 ; – A popular selection of fresh vegetables with our chef’s choice of dips (140 Cal).

Fruit Platter Small (serves 10-15) $45.50; Large (serves 25-30) $84.50; – Seasonal fresh sliced fruit (50 Cal).

Cheese and Crackers Small (serves 10-15) $60.00; Large (serves 25-30) $115.00; – A selection of domestic and imported cheeses and crackers (340 Cal).

Artisan Breads and Dip Pita Platter (serves 25-30) $115.00 choice of 3 dips; – Includes pickles, marinated olives, Grilled assorted breads including Naan, Lavash and fire-think flatbreads served with your choice of three dips: Tzatziki, Baba ganoush, Artichoke and asiago, Spinach and feta, Bacon and cheddar, Edemamme hummus, Eggplant onion dip, Black olive tapanade, Creamy sundried tomato dip, Roasted garlic and olive relish, Roasted red pepper and white bean dip (380 Calories)

Mezze Platter (serves 25-30) $135.00 – An assortment of roasted red peppers, eggplant, grape tomatoes, marinated artichokes, Bocconcini, grilled asparagus, assorted olives, served with hummus, tabbouleh, lavash bread and naan bread (795 Calories)

Cheese and Charcuterie Platter (serves 25-30) $135.00 – An assortment of fine artisan cheeses with craft cured meats including selections from Seed to Sausage, served with specialty breads, flatbreads and gluten-free crackers. (1147 Calories)

Chef Selection Sushi $85.00 (50 pieces) – Assorted Maki Sushi served with wasabi, pickled ginger and soya (170 Cal).

Vietnamese Imperial Rolls $85.00 (50 pieces) – Rice paper vegetable rolls served with soya and sweet chili sauce (120 Cal)

Gratuities are not charged or expected; however, a logistics and coordination fee may apply. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to taxes where applicable.